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Cat’s PowerPoint Presentation Falls Flat
Despite a week’s worth of research and flashy clip art, Molly’s PowerPoint presentation to MeowCorp Inc.’s shareholders was “unimpressive,” according to sources.
"The slides looked fine, but they lacked real substance,” says one meeting attendee, who asked that we not publish her name due to MeowCorp’s strict “no press” policy. “PowerPoint is boring. If you’re going to use it, you’ve got to step up your game,” said the source. “Throw a YouTube video in there, or maybe a funny cat GIF. Something.”
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Survey Shows Kittens Are Ditching Facebook
A new survey from Gartner confirms what analysts and social media aficionados have suspected for some time — that young cats no longer find Facebook cool.
Gartner polled 1,400 kittens about their online habits, and 80% of respondents noted that they check Facebook less than once per week. 10% have deleted their accounts altogether.
"The younger generations are moving to newer networks like Instagram and Snapchat," says Thom Phillips, a writer for the blog TechBomb. “Most kittens know their mom is on Facebook. It’s not a discreet place to socialize with friends. Also, most kittens get online exclusively through smartphones, and Facebook’s mobile apps are notably lacking.”
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Area Cat Spends a Bundle Shopping Online
Staff members who last week told The Fluffington Post that socialite cat Puffy is overly demanding of her household staff, also let slip that the kitty may be addicted to online shopping.
According to sources, Puffy has racked up over $30,000 in credit card charges on Rent the Runway, Gilt and Modcloth alone. And that doesn’t take into account her enormous iTunes movie collection.
"She just can’t stop herself," said one staffer. "Meanwhile, we’re being paid a pittance and worked to bone and she’s blowing all her money on designer clothes."
Despite these allegations, no members of the Puffy household staff have yet left the cat.
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Local Cat Spends 7 Hours Per Day on Reddit
An area cat named Tiny apparently has a 7-hour per day Reddit addiction, according to friends and colleagues. It is, they say, starting to affect his quality of life.
“Don’t get me wrong,” said close friend Cameron Shulte. “I love Reddit. But it’s a total time suck and I love Tiny more.”
Shulte and others say that Tiny is often late for meals, sleepy all the time and insists on sharing ridiculous videos, pictures and facts with everyone at social gatherings. Friends are planning and intervention this weekend.
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